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The idea of a National ID card was introduced for the first time in 1968 at the Inter – State Intelligence Committee meeting of the Heads of State of Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania. Pursuant to that decision, the Cabinet Meeting No.3/85 of 1985 decided that there should be registration of citizens and non–citizens. This resolution was implemented by enacting the Registration and Identification of Persons Act, No.11/86 in 1986. However, the Government was not able to move forward with the ID card program for a number of reasons, among them the high cost of preparing, implementing and managing the program. At the time, there was no properly documented road map, and costs of such an undertaking were not known, given the complexity of registering and issuing secure ID Cards to the adult population of approximately 15 million people. The Government contracted the preparation of a Feasibility Study for the “National Identification and Registration of Persons Program” in 2006.


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