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To ensure safety and security for people and property through; preservation of peace, maintenance of law and order, prevention and detection of crime, arrest and guarding of offenders and protection of property.


This Division will perform the following functions: -

(i) To initiate, develop, review and operationalize policies and legislation with regard to public safety and security;

(ii) To formulate, monitor and evaluate implementation of short, medium and long term development programmes aimed at curbing crime in the country; and

(iii) To formulate crime detection, prevention and investigation strategies and responses in collaboration with the community;

(iv) Perform duties of Accounting Officer of the Force;

(v) To develop police officers professionally; and

(vi) To coordinate and supervise all matters related to safety and security in the Country.

The Police Force will be under the command of the Inspector General of Police and the proposed Organisation structure of the Police Force will comprise Divisions, Zones, Units, Commands, Districts and Stations as follows: -

(i)Operations and Training Division;

(ii) Criminal Investigation Division;

(iii) Criminal Intelligence Bureau;

(iv) Forensic Bureau;

(v) Community Policing Division;

(vi) Zanzibar Division;

(vii) Finance and Logistics Division;

((viii)Administration and Human Resource Management Division;

(ix) Police Commands (Special Police Regions, Police Force Training Institutions and Regional Commands);

(x) District Police Commands;

(xi) Police Stations;

(xii) Int ernal Monitoring and Evaluation Unit;

(xiii)TPF Corporation Sole Unit;

(xiv) Internal Audit Unit;

(xv) Information and Communication Technology Unit; and

(xvi) Communication and Public Relations Unit.


To keep under safe custody all types of prisoners, manage prisoner’s rehabilitation process and achieve self-sufficiency.


This Division will perform the following functions: -

(i) To develop, coordinate implementation, monitor and evaluate Policies and Legislations on Prisons Services;

(ii) To maintain Prisons Security and ensure their safe custody;

(iii) To develop, manage and maintain infrastructure of Prisons;

(iv) To develop Prison Officers professionally; and

(v) To rehabilitate all types of prisoners.

The Prisons Service Department will be led by the Commissioner General of Prisons and will have the following Divisions, Units and Offices

(vi) Legal and Prisons Affairs Division;

(vii) Correctional and Rehabilitation Division;

(viii) Human Resources Management and Administration Division;

(ix) Finance and Planning Division;

(x) Prisons Inspections and Compliance Unit;

(xii) Intelligence and Operations Unit;

(xiii) Internal Audit Unit;

(xiv) Prisons Corporation Sole Unit;

(xv) Public Relations and Communication Unit;

(xvi) Procurement and Supply Unit;

(xvii) Information and Communication Technology Unit;

(xviii) Regional Prisons Offices/Prisons Training Institutions;

(xix) District Prisons Offices; and

(xx) Prisons Stations.


To prevent and minimize death rates, injuries to people, and damage to properties arising from fire, floods, earthquakes, road traffic accidents and other disasters.


This Division will perform the following functions: -

(i) To initiate/ develop, review and operationalize policies and legislations regarding to fire and rescue services;

(ii) To facilitate professional development to the fire and rescue officers;

(iii) To facilitate the management of rescue services; and

(iv) To develop and maintain fire and rescue services in the country.

The Department will be led by the Commissioner General of Fire and Rescue Force with the assistance of the Commissioners appointed by the President. Fire and Rescue Force Organization structure will comprise of the following Divisions, Units, Sections, Commands, Districts and Stations: -

(i) Operations Division; and

(ii)Public Safety Division;

(iii) Administration and Finance Division;

(iv) Legal Services Unit;

(v) Communication and Public Relations Unit;

(vi) Information and Communication Technology Unit;

((vii) Training Institutions;

(viii) Internal Audit Unit;

(ix) Fire and Rescue Commands;

(x) Regional Fire and Rescue Commands;

(xi) District Fire and Rescue Offices; and

(xii) Fire and Rescue Stations.


To facilitate and control movement of persons through implementation of relevant Laws and Regulations in order to Safeguard National Security and Economic interests.


This Division will perform the following functions: -

(i) To manage and monitor entry and exit of migrants;

(ii) To safeguard national borders;

(iii) To facilitate and manage movement of foreigners wishing to enter; stay and reside in the United Republic of Tanzania;

(iv) To facilitate, control and grant citizenship to qualified aliens immigrants;

(v) To counter any event which might be done by a foreigner or any other person that might jeopardize security and economic development and sustainability;

(vi) To Investigate national and transnational migration crimes;

(vii) To corporate with other Security Organs in the maintenance of national security;

(viii) To participate in Regional integrations with a view to identify illegal migrants;

(ix) To facilitate and assist the issuance of National Identity Cards;

(x) To coordinate with Regional and International agencies in the prevention of Transnational organized crimes;

(ix) To monitor and coordinate Immigration activities outside the United Republic of Tanzania;

(x) To combat illegal migrants by cooperating with Immigration Department of other countries and other International Organizations that deal with immigration matters;

(xi) To corporate with Embassies, Consulates, Airlines and other check point stakeholders with a view to sharing or exchange of information relating to fraud activities;

(xii) To conduct operations with a view to combat illegal immigrants and crimes relating to immigration;

(xiii) To conduct public awareness campaign on problems and danger of transnational organized crimes;

(xiv) To remove all prohibited, unwanted or undesirable immigrants;

(xv) To register all alerts listed persons and make follow-ups of all frequenters for security reasons;

(xv) To receive deported Tanzanians and take appropriate legal measures against such deportees;

(xvi) To conduct patrols and investigations;

(xvii) Subject to the instrument of appointment by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), prosecute offences relating to immigration

The Immigration Services Department will be led by the Commissioner General of Immigration (CGI) and will have the following Divisions, Units and Offices: -

(i) Finance and Administration Division;

(ii) Zanzibar Immigration Office;

(iii) Border Management and Control Division;

(iv) Passports, Citizenship and Nationality Division;

(v) Visa, Passes and Permits Division;

(vi) Legal Services Unit;

(vii) Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

(viii) Training Institutions Unit;

(ix) Internal Audit Unit;

(x) Information Communication Technology Unit;

(xi) Regional Immigration Offices; and

(xii) District Immigration Offices.




This Division will perform the following functions: -


NIDA will be under the and will have ... Sections as follows: -