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The President of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a Notice on assignment of Ministerial Functions (Instruments) Vide Government Notice No.383 & 385 of 7 May, 2021 and its amendments through GN. No. 534 of 2 July, 2021. In that Instrument, the President created the Ministry of Home Affairs which is mandated to formulate and monitor implementation of Policies on Public Safety; Immigration, Refugees, Fire and Rescue Services; Police Force Services; Prisons Services; Immigration and Citizenship Services; Registration and Coordination of Societies and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs); Citizenship; National Identification; Refugees Services; Fire and Rescue Services; Probation, Parole and Community Services; Repatriation of Destitute; Performance Improvement and Development of Human Resources; Extra Ministerial Departments, Parastatals Organization, Agencies and Projects and Programmes under this Ministry.